Sunday Tortelli

Certified childbirth educator with BirthWorks International, the HypnoBirthing Institute and Lamaze International. DONA certified birth doula and approved birth doula trainer and trained postpartum doula. Certified lactation counselor. American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor.

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Sunday Tortelli is the mother of four grown children, each of whom had a unique birth experience, which shaped her philosophies and fueled her passion for birth work. She has been privileged to offer childbirth education and doula support to hundreds of women and their partners in Greater Cleveland and Akron, Ohio for over two decades and basic and advanced doula training since 1997. She volunteers her time extensively as an advocate for normal birth, locally and internationally. Sunday currently serves as President of DONA International.


All birth doulas associated with The Doula Experience are skilled in the art of labor support and have a true respect for the process of birth and regard for the abilities of birthing women, as well as a desire to be supportive and caring.

What I Believe

• Pregnancy and birth are normal, natural and healthy processes. • The knowledge of how to give birth exists within every woman and her innate and instinctual ability to give birth should be recognized and celebrated. • Information is power and enables parents to make choices that are right for them. • Women deserve respectful and supportive care and encouragement during pregnancy, birth and mothering. • Babies and mothers are uniquely connected physically, spiritually and emotionally. • A normal, physiologic birth and undisturbed postpartum lead to a healthy start for mothers and babies. • Breast is best for babies, mothers and society. • Positive birth and parenting experiences can be facilitated by the caring support of a nurturing and experienced doula.