Advanced Certified Birth Doula

In 2015, Sunday Tortelli was among the first group of certified doulas to be awarded the prestigious DONA International Advanced Certified Birth Doula designation, indicating that she is highly-skilled and dedicated and has made major contributions to DONA International, to the doula profession, and in the maternal-child field.

Congratulations, you are having a baby! Whether this is your first baby or you have had lots of babies, you deserve the support, guidance and expertise of a certified, accomplished professional to help you navigate this exciting adventure.

You can be assured that the birth doulas associated with The Doula Experience practice with the highest standards and under a strict code of ethics. They are committed to helping you have a safe and satisfying birth experience.

The evidence speaks for itself. The positive effects of doula support have been documented through many studies – labors are shorter, there are fewer complications, birthing people are more satisfied with their experiences, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily. 

What can I expect from my birth doulas?

  • Guidance with planning and carrying out your birth and bonding preferences

  • Advocacy and assistance in gathering information

  • Continuous emotional and physical support

  • Practical knowledge of comfort measures and labor enhancing techniques

  • Support and encouragement for the birth partner

  • Prioritizing your goals and desires

  • Unbiased and non-judgmental support

  • Confidentiality and maintenance of your privacy

The Doula Experience services include ongoing communication with your primary doula throughout your pregnancy to develop a comfortable relationship and keep each other informed of circumstances. Later in your pregnancy, your doula team will arrange for a consultation in the comfort of your home. We will discuss the details of your plans for birth and bonding, including comfort measures and labor progress techniques. Once labor begins, your doula will be available to support you throughout the entire birth experience, start to finish, however and wherever you wish, and with no additional fees for a lengthy labor. After the birth, your doula will visit you in your home to discuss your birth, breastfeeding and parenting experiences. Throughout your relationship, your doula can provide resources and referrals to meet your needs.

Request an Information Packet, which details the level of support and guidance you can expect from your team of doulas, what they need from you to provide you with individualized care and the terms of the agreement.

Schedule a free no-obligation introductory meeting to see if The Doula Experience is the right choice for you. Please do not pay any fees for birth doula services in the Online Store before an Agreement has been signed.