Spinning Babies Parent Class

Developed by Midwife Gail Tully, Spinning Babies is based on the approach of Physiology Before Force. The class highlights your baby’s active role in pregnancy and birth and enables you to identify where your baby is in your body and how to use your body to encourage the baby to adopt the most favorable position, resulting in more comfort during pregnancy and an easier labor journey.

What you will learn in this one-session class

  • Basic anatomy of the pelvis and how it affects your baby’s position and, ultimately, your birth

  • Daily Essentials activities

  • Three Sisters of Balance

  • How to Rest Smart and Move Smart

  • How your baby moves through the pelvis

  • Techniques for labor progress

Private or Small Group Classes

Classes can be scheduled anytime from 20 weeks gestation — because you need a baby bump to get the full benefit of some techniques!

Please inquire about the availability of private or small group classes in Strongsville or in the comfort of your own home before registering to attend in the Online Store.